16 June 2014

MOO Monday: Cereal Box Magazine Holder

When you've finished with a large box of cereal, don't pitch the box in the trash. Instead, convert it into a container to hold magazines.

You will need:
Empty cereal boxes
Wrapping paper or contact
Glue (if using wrapping paper)

Step 1. Make sure the box is totally free of any cereal.

Step 2. Cut off the all four of the top flaps.

Step 3.  With the box lying flat measure up 15cm on the left side and mark the point with a pencil.

Step 4. Then draw an angled line across the front of the box starting from the mark you made on the left side to the top right hand side.

Step 5. Turn the box over and measure up 15cm on the right side and mark the point with a pencil, then draw an angled line across the front of the box, starting from the mark you made that right side to the top left hand side.

Step 6. Turn the box onto the narrow side with the points you marked facing up. Draw a line across the narrow side of the box joining the two marks.

Step 7. Start cutting along the lines you marked, beginning at the top right corner, down, along the narrow side and up to the top left corner.

Step 8. You can leave the boxes as is or cover the outside with pretty wrapping paper or contact paper.

Step 9. Smooth more contact paper over the edges and into the inside as far as you can reach.

Use contact that compliments your d├ęcor or choose something fun and quirky to match your personality. These are great in the kids' bedroom, on their desk or in the family room to store all those newsletters, flyers etc. we seem to collect.

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  1. MOOers,
    You can do the same thing with empty wine carton boxes.
    A4-size files, folders, etc. fit in exactly and it's much stronger!
    Decorating it on the outside may pose a problem, though...

  2. I have been doing this for years when I could't afford to buy magazine holders.
    I have used small cereal boxes for small books, large cereal boxes for dressmaking patterns and books. Some cereal boxes are great for this and some are not. So if you come across one that is a big weak, cover it or use one that is for a different cereal/brand.


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