30 June 2014

MOO Monday: Make a Cosy Hot Water Bottle Cover from an Old Jumper

There is nothing quite as nice on a cold night as getting into a bed that has been warmed by a hot water bottle and then warming your feet on it. But they need covers to help keep them hot and to stop burnt toes.

You can recycle an old woollen or fleecy jumper into a hot water bottle cover in just a few minute and you don't need any special skill either.

You will need:
An old woollen or fleecy jumper
Tailors chalk
Sharp scissors
Sewing thread to match
Sewing machine
1m 6mm ribbon

Step 1. Turn the jumper inside out.

Step 2. Lay the hot water bottle on the jumper with the top along the waistband edge.

Step 3. Trace a 1.5cm seam around the hot water bottle with the tailor's chalk.  Cut along the seam line.

Step 4. Pin the cover, right sides together. Starting at the top right hand edge stitch a 1.5cm seam around the cover, leaving the top open. Zigzag over the raw edges to stop them unravelling.

Step 5. Turn right side out. Slip the hot water bottle in to the cover. Use the ribbon to gather the top and hold in place.

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