23 June 2014

MOO Monday: A Doggy Jumper Cheapskates Style

It's getting cold here in Ippy and my dog Furey is starting to feel it, so I've been looking in all the pet stores for dog jumpers for her.  The cheapest I could find was $35. OUCH! Then I remembered what my Mum used to do with our farm dogs. We'd cut the sleeves down on our old school jumpers and put them on the dogs, they keep nice and warm. Old jumpers only cost $2.00 - $5.00 at the local secondhand store - a huge saving and no waste either. Furey loves her warm jumpy and can't wait to get into it when it gets dark.
Contributed by Susan Sumison

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  1. Being on a fixed income, I'm loving the cost-saving hints on this website. I've tried a few of the space-savers, too, and they have been amazing! Thanks!


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