18 June 2014

Weird Ways to Save More Money


Saving money has become a quest for millions of families around the globe. Times are a bit tough and people are becoming more conscious of their spending.

Here are a few weird or unusual ways to save money.

No. 1: Resell your books. Do you have bookcases full of books you've read once and will never read again? Take them to your nearest secondhand book store and sell them. It’s a great way to turn what are otherwise dust collectors into money you can use and make room on your bookshelves.

No.2: Cut your own hair. Okay, this isn't for everyone but you can save good money when you cut your own hair. Generally styles that are longer or one length are easier to cut. Check out YouTube videos to find good “how to's.”

No. 3: Become a barista. Learn how to make great coffee and save tons of money. You can make your favourite coffee at home. A simple espresso machine costs less than a month’s worth of coffee from your favourite cafe. Add syrups, milk or cream and whatever flavourings you like to make top notch drinks and save money.

No. 4: Keep the change. Whenever you pay for anything use notes, never pay with change. Keep it. At home, at the end of the day put all of your change into a large jar. You can save hundreds of dollars in change each month. This money can be used to pay for a holiday, buy a new toy or clothing or go into your emergency fund.

No. 5: Swap. Partner with friends to organize a swap group. Swap magazine subscriptions, clothing, books and movies whatever works best for you. It’s a great way to refresh your belongings and save money.

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