02 June 2014

MOO Monday: Cleaning Wipes

Window wipes, disinfectant wipes, bathroom wipes, floor wipes, all-purpose wipes - we are being bombarded by wipes. Don't get me wrong, wipes are very, very handy. I use them in the car for the windows and to keep it dust-free. I use them when we go camping for quick clean-ups. I love window wipes when I'm in a hurry. But wipes are expensive to buy.

The best thing about wipes is you don't need to buy them. You can MOO them, and it's really easy.

You will need:
1 round baby wipe container*
1 roll of paper towels**
2-4 cups cleaning solution (see the recipes below)

Recycle a used, round baby wipe container. Cut a roll of paper towel in half, (an electric or serrated knife works best for this). Remove the centre cardboard tube. Place half of the paper towels in the baby wipe container. Pour cleaning solution into the container. The amount will depend of the absorbency of your paper towels. Pull the first paper towel out of the centre of the roll, through the hole in the container lid. If the paper towels dry out before they are all used, add more solution or some water. These can be used for window cleaner, all purpose cleaner or disinfectant cleaner.

*If you don't have a baby wipe container, you can use a round plastic container and just drill or punch a large hole in the centre of the lid - or ask a friend with a baby to keep one for you.

**It is best to use thicker paper towels. The cheap ones won't hold up to scrubbing.

For Face/Hand Wipes:
2 tablespoons liquid baby bath
2 cups water

For Bathroom Wipes:
1/2 cup Miracle Spray
2 cups water

For Window Wipes:
1 cup glass cleaner
1-1/2 cups water

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