30 May 2014

I MOOed a Nappy Genie

It's been a long time since I had to deal with nappies, but anything to make life easier, like Sharyn's MOOed nappy bin, put a smile on my face. If you use disposable nappies you'll love this idea.

"I was keen to buy one of those Nappy Genie bins but could not justify the expense especially after realising that after purchasing the bin at around $60 you then need to buy refill cartridges for $19.95! Not to be discouraged I went to Crazy Clarks and bought a pedal bin for $6 and lined it with plastic shopping bags, layered one inside the other. Wet nappies are OK as they aren't smelly, but once I get a dirty one I simply open the lid, tie off using the handles of the bag and take it outside to the wheelie bin. I am saving a small fortune not having to buy plastic bag refill cartridges every month and I still have the convenience of the bin."

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