08 May 2014

Slow Cooker Chicken Curry Update

I've had an email suggesting that Slow Cooker Chicken Curry is a terrible recipe and I shouldn't have posted it as it is expensive and not at all suitable to be classed as a "Cheapskates" recipe.

The main problem appears to be the chicken.  It was suggested that breast fillets are too expensive and thighs, bone in, would be better value. I pay no more than $5.99/kg for chicken breast fillets and there are usually four to the kilo. Thighs, or rather maryland pieces are usually around the same price. I prefer the fillets as there is no bone and more meat and it's the meat I want in this dish.

The next suggestion was tinned tomatoes rather than fresh.  I use tomatoes from my  garden so they are basically free, regardless of how cheap tinned tomatoes are. Tinned tomatoes are also more juice than fruit, you would need to adjust the stock accordingly, although the emailer suggested leaving the stock out altogether. That won't work - the juice from the tomatoes isn't enough to create the gravy for the curry; your meal will be dry and burnt on the bottom.

Chicken stock is MOOed from leftover bones and veggie peelings and again free - I don't buy stock ever. If you want to know how to make chicken stock log in to the Member's Centre and download the How To.... sheet.

I could get away with MOOing mock coconut cream but it wouldn't be any cheaper than buying a tin from Aldi, so no saving there.

Curry paste was the next suggestion. If you prefer to use curry paste and it doesn't bust your budget that's fine. I save paste for special recipes because it is expensive. In this recipe curry powder is just fine and stands up to the long, slow cooking well.

In fact the only ingredients I would buy for this recipe would be the chicken, coconut cream, carrots and curry powder. It costs me around $3.80 to make 6 serves of this casserole or 63c a serve.


  1. I believe any complaints would relate to the prices you quote for the chicken (and in other recipes for various cuts of meat). I don't know anywhere in my neck of the woods I could buy chicken breast for 5.99 a kilo. My current Aldi catalogue is advertising them "on special" for $10/kg for example. Even at the prices you pay, to get 6 serves for $3.80 would equate to a very tiny portion of chicken per person.

    1. The actual post you're referring to is three years old - but even so I still never pay more than $6.99/kg for chicken fillets. I also only ever use two chicken breast fillets for a meal for us. I do cut it up myself, and the cubes are smaller than what you get if you buy diced chicken from the butcher. Even so we all get plenty of meat and there is always a serve left over. Portion control is essential, not just for health, but your budget too.

  2. When I buy chicken breasts, they are 5.99 a kilo, or the odd occasion they are 4.99 a kilo, which is fine. The other ingredients are not expensive so therefore I think it is an economical recipe, especially as you serve it on rice, which is also cheap.


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