15 May 2014

MOO Sticker and Label Remover

It's Murphy's Law. Whenever you have a label or sticker to remove, and you need it to come off in a hurry, it won't. It will stay stuck. It will come off in little tiny pieces. The sticky part will stay stuck. It will be a nuisance that ruins nails, takes time and generally stresses you out.

Not any more!

Two simple household items combine to make the best sticker and goo remover you've ever tried.

Ordinary vegetable oil and bicarb soda. That's it.

When you have a label to remove drizzle it with vegetable oil. Any oil will do - canola, olive, coconut, it doesn't matter. Pour a little oil over the label and rub it in. When the label is soaked with the oil, sprinkle it with bicarb soda and gently rub. The oil will have softened the paper and the bicarb acts as a very gently abrasive to remove the glue.

When you've massaged off that label, rinse the item with hot water and dry. It's that easy and that cheap.

Try it next time you have a label to remove. You too will be amazed at just how easy it really is to remove a sticky label.

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1 comment:

  1. Ive always used Eucalyptus oil. My mum had a shop and was forever removing sales stickers before wrapping. I love the smell as well.


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