29 May 2014

Crazy Uses for Common Household Items

You might want to take another look at some common items in your home - they may have a crazy or unusual use that you've never thought of before!

Here are seven common items with uses that may surprise you!

1. Lemons

Deodorizing: Rubbing half a lemon or a lemon slice under your arms is said to kill bacteria that causes body odour.

Spider repellent: Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto a cloth or the brush attachment of your vacuum, then dust cobwebs with it. Spiders dislike the lemony scent and should shun the corners, decreasing your cobweb problem.

2. Coca-Cola

Defroster: Pour Coca-Cola over an ice-covered windshield to de-ice.

Rust remover: If a bolt, screw or nail is too rusty to turn or remove, pour Coke over it and allow it to soak for a few minutes and try again.

Stain remover: You can remove blood and/or grease stains from clothing by pouring on some Coke.

Grease and oil remover: Pour Coca-Cola over oil stains on concrete; soak for a few minutes and clean with a hose.

3. Chalk

Stain remover: Get rid of oily stains by rubbing with chalk before to washing. Chalk absorbs the oil.

Ant repellent: Draw a line of chalk across and around the places where the ants are getting into your house. They won't cross the chalk line because it dries them up.

Moisture absorber: Drop a piece of chalk in with your silver items, it will absorb the moisture and prevent tarnish.

4. Salt

Keep down the fizz and foam: Sprinkle salt over the fizzy foam on top of a soft drink to bring it down.

Water spot removal: Sprinkle a little salt on water spots on wood and rub with a little olive or almond oil.

Scrubber: Use salt and bicarbonate soda to scrub out porcelain or metal sinks.

5. Plastic Cups

Seed starter: Use a nail to poke holes in the bottom of plastic cups, fill with dirt, and plant seeds.

Sifter: use a small nail to poke holes in the bottom of the cup, and use to sift fine sugar or cocoa powder over desserts.

6. Coffee Filters

Flowerpot liner: Put a coffee filter on the bottom of a flowerpot to cover the hole and prevent dirt from falling out.

Window shiner: Use a coffee filter to polish the inside of your car windows to remove smudges and streaks. Use on mirrors, too.

Porcelain protector: Place a coffee filter between plates and bowls in your cupboard to prevent scratches and nicks.

7. Cornflour

Body powder: Use cornflour on your feet or other sweaty areas to cool and prevent chafing.

Lubricant: Use cornflour inside rubber boots and gloves, it makes the easier to get off.

Detangler: Sprinkle cornflour on knotted rope or string to help get the knots out.

Who knew you had so many useful items around your home!

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