22 May 2014

The Broomstick Clothes Dryer

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that make us slap our heads and wonder why we didn't think of them. This tip from Cheapskater Julie B.,  is one of them.

"With electricity prices on the rise and as the winter days are short and often dull, it can be hard to dry all the family washing. I now lay a broom between my two clothes airers. I hang undies and socks on the airers and then put all shirts and windcheaters on coat hangers and hang these on the broomstick. I have found I can usually fit two loads out this way. By placing near the fireplace or air-conditioning outlet I can get the washing dry without it costing me a cent more. (I have managed to avoid using my dryer at all)."
Contributed by Julie B.

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  1. A simple yet brilliant idea. I never thought of hanging things on hangers and my airers get so full of washing that it just doesn't dry. Thanks for the great tip Julie (and Cath).

  2. I want to get one of those. Any recommendations on where to buy in Canada?


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