01 May 2014

The $200 Study Makeover

Looking outside the square is something Cheapskaters do really well. Candice did just that and decorated and furnished her study and saved $1,300!

"Our study has been one of the hardest places to furnish. While our shed was being built we used it as a storage room so the furniture that we had for the study was not only limited but because it was older (we kept it from when we were teenagers) it didn't exactly match the room or our decor. I work a lot from home so I need something that is easy to organise with a lot of bench space. We hunted around at furniture stores for solutions and realised that nothing on offer was going to meet our requirements and into the bargain was very expensive. We went to Ikea to look at complete study packages and were bitterly disappointed when we realised that what we wanted was going to cost in excess of $1,500. But while at Ikea we stumbled upon the bargain centre which sold slightly damaged or odd pieces at hugely discounted prices. We went home and after a bit of thought I came up with a solution. We went back to the bargain centre and bought odd door panels. We spent just $200 and from that we have made a custom fit desk and shelving that has all been mounted to our wall. The design runs the full length of the three metre room and is the height of the wall. To have done this from timber bought from the hardware shop or a factory would have been just as costly to buy the ready made furniture but with a little creativity $200 has gone a long way.  Not only do we have our custom workspace, but also by fixing it to the wall, we have added value to our home!"

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