19 June 2014

Frugal Floor Facelift Saved Our Sanity and $300

I am a renter. It's my first time out of the parental home so price of real estate is very important to me. I rent a house with my partner for $220 a week. This is a very cheap place, the reason that it was cheap... the bathroom (the horror).

The floor was a huge eyesore no one could ignore! The old tiles that had been in place had been badly removed and the bare hardwood floors with glue and grout all over them were all we had left. We decided to fix it one day and went around trying to find options.

Faux wood panels were expensive, lino tiles were an unrealistic option as we can't fix anything to the property, lino in specialty stores was very expensive. Finally we went to Bunnings. $9.50/m lino in a large variety of colours and patterns! We picked out something simple and bought it, a Stanley knife and steel rule for under $40.

We now feel like we have a brand new bathroom!! We had extra lino left over that we used to cover up other unsightly parts of the house like the two flaking chipboard shelves in the kitchen and the oddly painted (shabby chic style but sky blue and pine tree green?) medicine cabinet shelves (it doesn’t have doors or a mirror) in the bathroom. Overall we saved ourselves a lot of time, at least $300 and of course saved our sanity!
Contributed by Amanda

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