06 November 2014

Changing Doona Covers

This is exactly the way I change our doona covers. As I slip them off the doona before washing I make sure they come off inside out. They are then washed and hung out to dry inside out (helps with fading too). When they come off the line they are ready to be put back on the doona, or folded and put into the linen cupboard ready to use.

"1.Lay Doona insert out flat.

2. Turn fresh doona cover inside out.

3. Slide hands inside opening of doona cover right up to the very end.

4. With hands still at the end of the doona cover grab the DOONA insert (left corner in left hand right corner in right hand) and pull the doona insert into the cover letting it slide off your arms as you do so.

5. Give doona a flick to straighten it out and secure ends. I hope these instructions are easy to understand."
Contributed by Lynette Henderson

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