20 November 2014

Pin Board Ideas

A great idea for a 12 year old is a personalised pin board of their own. I bought a cheap one from Lifeline ($4 instead of $40 from Officeworks) and covered it in fabric to match the sheets. Then they can pin up little pictures or things they like - it looks neater than just blu-tacking stuff onto walls. Another idea is to run some coloured jewellery wire ($2-$3 Spotlight or cheap shops) through 20 or so pegs (inside the little metal springs), and stretch it between two nails. This is a cheap alternative to a pin-board and they can hang photos or small stuffed toys from the pegs. You can buy pastel coloured pegs from Woolworths in pinks, blues and whites etc. for about $1.50. You can also do a couple of rows as well depending on size. Another idea is to search the net for their favourite character (my boy loves Cars), and print out the pictures and laminate. You can then cut around the shapes and make a wall decal of their favourite characters for FREE instead of spending $20 on laminated posters from the shops. Kids grow out of phases so quickly it's a cost effective way to keep up with their favourite cartoon characters!
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