19 November 2014

Everyday Ways to Live Like a Cheapskate - Part 3 - Cleaning Products

1. A few inexpensive household products will do a lot of cleaning. Bi-carb soda, white vinegar, washing soda and household ammonia are all multi-purpose budget cleaners.

2. Don't get conned by “cleaning” vinegar. You can use ordinary white vinegar at $1.09/ 2-litre bottle and save.

3. Replace expensive glass cleaner with water and a microfibre glass cloth. Use it on your mirrors, glass surfaces, and any other areas you'd normally clean with glass cleaner. You'll find it won't streak.

4. To help dissolve scum and hair in sluggish bathroom basin and bath drains, pour a mixture of 1-cup salt, 1-cup bicarb soda and ½ cup white vinegar into the drain. Then let stand for 15 minutes and flush with 4 litres boiling water followed by flushing hot tap water down the drain for 1 minute. You can repeat this process if necessary. Hint: Salt will keep small roots from taking up residence in your pipes.

5. For cleaning bathtubs, basins and showers, use shampoo! I tried this and it works wonders. Those rings around the tub are gone instantly.

6. Use Steradent dental cleaning tablets for the toilet. Drop 3-4 in overnight, brush and flush in the morning and repeat till the toilet is clean. Drop a couple in the toilet when going away, to stop anything from growing and to prevent the brown 'watermark' that appears.

7. Besides absorbing odours in refrigerators and freezers, bicarbonate soda makes a good scouring powder because of its mild abrasiveness. It removes light soil and stains on sinks, bench tops and stovetops.

8. For extra oomph mix a box of bi-carb soda into your regular washing powder. Buy cleaning supplies in bulk from commercial cleaning companies. These products are often concentrated, making the savings even greater.

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