13 November 2014

Cheapskates Garden Sprays

The weeds are growing faster than anything else in the garden, the bugs are out in force determined to eat every tiny seedling they come across and the plants are crying out for help. Here are three simple homemade remedies that will kill weeds, keep pests at bay and give vegetables and flowers a much needed boost.

Weed Killer

(a safe and cheap substitute for Round-up)

Here's a great weed killer you can make for less than $2 per 5 litres. Dissolve 2 cups (500g) table salt in 5 litres white vinegar (generic is ideal). Add 8 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent (helps plant material absorb the liquid). Label and keep out of reach of children. Use in an ordinary spray bottle. This non-toxic formulation acts as a temporary soil steriliser, so don t spray near roots of trees, shrubs, or plants you'd like to keep. This is especially effective on paths, driveways, footpath ... any place you don t want anything to grow.

Pest Spray

1 tsp antiseptic mouth wash (like Listerine)
1 tsp hydrogen peroxide
2 cups water
Mix in spray bottle and mist plants. Good for both indoor and outdoor plants. Mix small amounts as needed.


Here's a great way to brew up your own plant fertiliser at a cost of about 5 cents per 5 litres: Add 2 teaspoons of plain household ammonia to 5 litres of water. Allow the mixture to steep for a full 24 hours. Use on plants instead of using costly commercial fertiliser. Caution: If you use more than two teaspoons per 5 litres of water it will be too strong, and you will burn your plants. In this case more is definitely not better.


  1. If you are having a problem with "stink bugs" those orange or black stinky insects that invade your citrus trees mix up some Molassas and water and spray the foliage, the bugs hate sugar and will go away, this tip was from a Nursery owner who is using it at the moment, check online for recipe quantities and wear protective glasses and clothing as when they get annoyed the bugs spray a very nasty fluid and it hurts on your skin and you really don't wnat to get it in your eyes, and it STINKS, so remember to wash hands etc.

  2. Thank you for this tip. Have some molasses so will give it a go. A great many of these juvenile critters had the thong treatment already

    Bye MM


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