28 November 2014

What is Your Best Price?

Bartering and haggling over the price of goods is common practise in some countries, not so much here in Australia. I like to haggle over prices, so much so that I've run "Haggle School" a couple of times. I especially like to haggle if I have cash and intend to purchase that item at that time.

Cheapskater Claire Martin likes to haggle too, and shares some of her best haggling for success tips.

"We all know the saying, “if you don’t ask, you don’t receive". Many stores have the displayed retail price, or a sale price, and then there’s another price you may not know about and one which they don't advertise. Its usually known as “their best price”. Stores are desperate to separate you from your hard earned money, so by asking “what is your best price for cash” you can often get the item cheaper. Retailers have to pay large percentages to the banks for the credit card and eftpos facilities, so the magic words to add to your question is “for cash”. The cost of savings can vary, depending on the item, and of course, depending on the retailer. But the savings are there, just ask the question."

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