12 November 2014

Everyday Ways to Live Like a Cheapskate - Part 2 - Toiletries

1. A good substitute for shaving-cream is any hair conditioner. This also has the advantage of being see-through, handy if trimming the edges of a beard-line, or side-burns. When travelling, it makes for one less product to pack!

2. Razor blades are expensive and a great way to keep them sharper longer. In a small saucer I put some oil (olive/vegetable) and this keeps the rust at bay.

3. Liquid soap refills are around $3/250ml ($12 per litre). Refill the dispensers with budget shampoo ($2 per litre) and save $10 per litre.

4. Don't even bother using a body scrub, just buy a pair of those 'rough' shower gloves for $2, use your regular soap for your body and scrub all over. Works perfectly!

5. For the best, most economical body scrub around - just mix some grainy sea salt with a little home brand baby oil. The salt is a great natural exfoliator and the oil also moisturises your skin at the same time - two birds with one stone!

6. To make your eyebrows appear thicker, use hair spray or mousse on an eyebrow brush and brush the brows straight up.

7. Before sharpening your lip or eye pencils, put them in the fridge for a few minutes. They will sharpen to a nice point quickly and easily, without breaking.

8. For inexpensive beauty treatments check out your local TAFE beauty salons. Trained beauticians and hairdressers supervise all work and you get to look fantastic and save a bundle.

9. If you like to take your make-up off with facial wipes substitute with baby wipes at less than half the price.

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