05 November 2014

Everyday Ways to Live Like a Cheapskate - Part 1 Babies

1. Join free baby clubs for free samples, discount coupons and special offers (AMCAL, Coles Baby & Toddler Club etc.). Use the points you collect for free nappies, dummies, formula etc.

2. Check your local pharmacy for baby supplies. Formula, nappy creams, baby wash and nappies are often cheaper at the Chemist than the supermarket.

3. Save on disposable nappies by buying in bulk when discount department stores have percentage off sales. If storage is a problem lay-by enough to get you through to the next sale.

4. Ordinary cornflour is a great baby powder and at under a dollar for a 500g packet is a great money saver too.

5. Treat nappy rash and sore bottoms with bi-carb soda in the bath. Add a good handful, let it dissolve and sit baby in the water until he is ready to get out.

6. Make your own nappy disposal system from a bucket with a lid and a roll of kitchen bin liners. Save around $350 a year.

7. Most baby products are overpriced. From one queen size mattress protector you can make three cot sized protectors, and all for less than the cost of one cot sized protector.

8. Buy in bulk online. You can buy nappies, formula and other baby essentials online; have it delivered to your door and save money too!

9. Get together with other mums and swap baby clothes, toys, furniture etc. Babies grow out of their stuff; they don't generally wear it out so while it may be second-hand, it's still in great condition.

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