09 January 2010

2010 - A Year of Saving

Sewing and Saving in a Heatwave

It was rather warm here again today (manged to get to 36 degress) so we have had the ceiling fans going from early morning. They did a great job of keeping the kitchen and family room cool when I thought we would be running the air conditioner so some electricity saved there.

Hannah and I spent some time sketching out a skirt and a dress that she'd like to make for church and decided we won't need to buy a pattern for either, so that's another $20 saved. I am going to use my drafting skills to make the skirt pattern. Thank goodness for an old fashioned Home Ec teacher when I was at school, being able to draft a patttern has saved us a fortune over the years. If you like to sew I heartily recommend you learn to draft at least basic patterns. Check your local TAFE or CAE for pattern making courses, there are even some you can do online.

To make the dress we are going to combine pieces from two patterns we already have. We'll make it up using an old sheet first, just to make sure what we imagine will work, before we cut into the beautiful fabric. It's a black, grey and purple checked organza and as we bought the last of the roll and it was quite expensive I don't want to take any chances. There are plenty of old sheets in the linen cupboard, mum gave me a pile when she had a clean out a while ago and they are great for mock-ups.

Savings today: $25

Total savings for 2010: $85

How is everyone else doing with their saving?

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  1. Coffee at home instead of out! SAVING
    Milkshakes for the kids at home!
    It's a great way to start.


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