31 January 2010

Tip of the Day 31 January 2010

Balcony Garden Started With Free Containers

I started a herb and veg garden on the balcony in March this year - and have not purchased one pot! All of the containers I use have been collected from hard waste collections or are other household containers that would have otherwise been thrown out. Seedlings can be raised in egg cartons, old toilet rolls or yogurt containers. As pots I use various containers discarded by others – I have a child's sandpit, an office bin, a polystyrene box, etc, etc. Using this same theory, you could take any old container of the appropriate size (like a kitchen colander, a disused kettle or toaster, or 3L milk/juice bottles), add some chain from 3 points around the top and a loop at the top of the chain, and you have a hanging basket.
Contributed by Jacklyn, Kogarah

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