23 January 2010

Sewing with Style

When you are sewing for your children, take them with you when you go to select fabric and patterns for their clothes. Involve your child in the decision making part of their wardrobe, just as you would if you were buying ready made,  and they will always like what they have to wear. They'll develop their own sense of style and with your needlework skills and their input they'll have one-off garments to be envied. No longer will you hear "I'm not wearing that" when you show them your handmade fashion.


  1. What a wonderful tip! I have vivid memories of my Mum taking me fabric shopping just like this. Watching the measuring and cutting process was also fascinating. It's probably no accident that I now run my own fashion label!

    1. Me too! And of her standing in front of mannequins, sketching the garment. Then Dad would draught the pattern for her and she'd make it for me or herself. I remember doing the same thing in front of a Country Road store when I was still a teenager, and then searching for fabric that was almost the same, and making a pair of shorts by adapting patterns. I'm so glad that Hannah has picked up the sewing bug too, and she's just as good at adapting patterns to suit :)


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