24 January 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We are home! We were only away 10 days, but it seemed like forever and it's so good to be back in our own little piece of Australia.

It was great catching up with family and friends, some of them we haven't seen for a very long time. The whole family gathered to celebrate  Granny's birthday, with lots of good food and even more laughter. At times the neighbours must have been wondering what we were doing, the laughing was so loud.

But it is good to be home, even if we came home to a disaster in the front garden. One of our big trees had split right through the middle on one limb and was hanging over the footpath. Most of our neighbourhood walks, and many of them are quite elderly, so getting it cut down (just the offending limb, not the whole tree) was top priority for this morning.

My brother called and asked to borrow the trestle table and some folding chairs, so we swapped them for his chainsaw. It sure made cutting up the tree easy. Now it's all nicely stacked in the woodpile, to dry for firewood.  Wayne put the small branches and leaves through the mulcher and spread it over a new garden bed along the side fence and now it looks much better. I can't decide whether to put daisies (m favourite) or lavender in that spot, it would suit both. Decisions, decisions.

While we were away the tomatoes and cucumbers went crazy. I've picked two buckets full of lovely fresh vegetables. There are enough cucumbers to make ten jars of pickled cucumbers. The tomatoes I will cook into sauce and freeze. Tomorrow will be a busy day in the kitchen me thinks.

The good news is that we didn't spend over our regular budget while we were away. The petrol costs came out of our holiday budget and were covered. Food, treats, eating out and entertainment all came out of our normal household budget for 10 days so we  came home with money over! 

Now it's back to reality, getting ready for school and Uni.  There are books to cover, hems to take up and let down and new uniforms to name. And of course the newsletter and website to keep me out of mischief.  That should keep us all busy. 

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