11 January 2010

Tip of the Day 11 January 2010

Beautiful Gift Boxes

Here's a great idea for getting free gift boxes. Use spray paint on ordinary boxes that food and consumer goods (such as cereal or shoe boxes) come in to hide any lettering, logos, etc. that may be on the outside. Now you add the embellishments: stencilling, sponging, stamping, charms, stickers, decorative painting, yarn, small toys, fabric scraps, snippets of lace, silk flowers, ribbon roses, old greeting cards, etc. to make your gift package look even prettier, and to hide any damaged areas on the box. Not only will you be spared the expense of buying expensive gift boxes, but you're helping the environment by recycling what would normally end up in a tip into a gift box that's truly distinctive and one-of- a-kind.  Start now and you'll have all the gift boxes you need during the year and wrapping next Christmas will be a breeze.

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