22 January 2010

Tip of the Day 22 January 2010

Safety When Online Shopping

Shopping online is a great convenience, but I don't feel comfortable giving out my bank information over the Internet. Instead, I buy a Visa gift card for the approximate amount I will need to make my online purchases in any given month. That way, I stay within my budget, curbing my tendency to overspend, all while combating credit card fraud.

Contributed by Narelle, Mooroolbark


  1. as a Bank Employee, I know all about the recent ATM and EFTPOS skimming fraud that has been a MAJOR problem for banks and their customers, of course.
    However, I did not know about these VISA gift cards ???
    Can anyone tell me where to get one & how they work ??
    Seems a GREAT idea to me,and a GREAT way to stop fraud - as I am so careful now. thanks for a GREAT tip

  2. PayPal is a safe option if you don't like giving out your credit card details.

    You can even get a Security Key (credit card sized PIN creator) for $7.50, for that extra bit of protection for your Pay Pal account.


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