09 January 2010

Have Fresh, Sweet Breath Every Day

If you've had a big night out and next morning your breath is not so nice, parsley will sweeten it. Juice half a bunch of parsley, add a squeeze of lemon juice and drink. It tastes different, but will really sweeten your breath and get rid of that yucky morning after taste in your mouth. It is especially effective on garlic breath.  Chewing a sprig or two throughout the day will help to keep your breath fresh as a daisy too.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the reminder - I was just about to plant the parsley seedlings into the veggie bed too - good timing!
    Another tip for fresh breath during the day and good for the digestion also is fennel seeds. Buy some from the herbs and spices section of your favourite shop carry a small tin in your purse- pill size is fine 'cos all you need are five or six seeds to crunch and voila! a nice clean feel for the mouth, a happy tummy and sweet breath.


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