25 January 2010

Tip of the Day 25 January 2010

Borrow Appliances

You can save hundreds of dollars by borrowing appliances from friends and family. Most of us have a lot of appliances that aren't used regularly,  and some that may not be used at all, lurking in cupboards. What a waste of  good appliances!  Make up a list of appliances you don't use very often, or wish to get rid of and ask friends and family to do the same. If one person decides to take up bread making, they look at the list and contact the person who has that appliance, and either borrow, buy or swap another item for it - rather than buying it. Think of the impact this would have on the environment and our pockets! Once you have the kitchen appliance swap working, why not start one for garden tools?  This really goes back to our basic roots of community sharing.

This Cheapskate Started a "Borrow an Appliance" Scheme at Work

I mentioned to a girlfriend at work the other day that I was thinking about buying a slow cooker but really wanted to take on for a test drive first. She immediately offered to loan me hers for a week and in the conversation that followed we discovered that we both had a number of appliances cluttering our cupboards that we rarely used. So we made a decision to clear out a shelf in a cupboard at work and keep them there. They can then be 'borrowed' by whoever needs that particular gadget for the night. The only condition is that the appliance must be cleaned and returned a.s.a.p. Another workmate overheard us and we now have an appliance library of 8 kitchen gizmos ranging in value from $50-$200 and HEAPS more space in our kitchen cupboards. Reckon you'll have a better chance of getting this off the ground if your boss is a working Mum too!! 

Karen Tatman

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