05 March 2012

Egg Maracas

Easter is a fun time for crafting with little children. This craft is one you can do at home or playgroup. Because it isn’t complicated most of the crafting is done by the children, you just need to supervise and perhaps help with the gluing.

You will need:
Plastic eggs – at this time of year, coming up to Easter you can buy them at $2 and craft shops in different sizes
Glue – a tacky, fast drying type is the best
Newspaper – lots to put down on your table
Enamel craft paint OR spray craft paint
Paint brushes
Bowls of water
Stickers for embellishment

Clear a space on the table and cover with newspaper. Each person should have their own bowl of water and a paint brush if you aren’t spray painting, and plastic eggs.

1. Add a small amount of rice to one half of the egg. Not too much, it needs to be able to move around to make the noise.

2. Once the filler has been added, dribble a thin line of glue around the egg opening. Snap the egg shut. Wipe off any excess glue.

3. After the glue dries, let the children choose a paint colour to decorate their eggs. If you choose to spray paint the eggs, the paint will dry much faster.

4. Let the eggs dry on the newspaper.

5.Once the egg is dry it can be embellished with stickers.

6.Make music!

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