09 March 2012

How to Make a Groovy Library Bag

Recycle an old t-shirt into a handy, lightweight library bag. As you recycle old t-shirts each bag you make will be unique. They make great shopping bags too, as they can be folded up and kept in your handbag or the glovebox.

To make the bag, turn the t-shirt inside out and line up the side seams. Stitch across the bottom. Reinforce this by stitching across again.

Turn the t-shirt right side out.

Lay the shirt flat, lining up the side and shoulder seams. Pin in place.

Take a medium size mixing bowl and place half-way over the neck line of the t-shirt.
Draw around the bowl. You should have a half circle, a little larger than the original neckline.

With sharp scissors carefully cut around the line you have drawn, being sure to go through the front and the back of the t-shirt.

Line up the armhole seams on both sides and pin in place.

Carefully cut around the inside of these seams, as close as possible to the original stitching.

Voila your bag is done!

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