29 March 2012

MOO Wool Mix

The last couple of days have been good blanket washing days - bright, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, so I've taken advantage and washed all the summer blankets ready to store them for the winter.

I use this wool wash recipe, which is based on the Martha Gardener Wool Mix available at supermarkets. I've used it for 30 years on all our woollens and delicates and anything clothing or manchester that is stored away. It leaves woollens especially soft and clean, and helps to deter bugs like silverfish and moths that like to feast on our woollies.

4 cups Lux flakes*
4 cups boiling water
1 cup methylated spirits
2 tbsp eucalyptus oil

Mix together and bottle. To use dissolve mixture in hot water, cool before gently kneading woollens to wash. Rinse well and dry carefully in the shade, preferably flat to retain shape.

*Lux flakes - you can use any pure soap flakes or grate cakes of pure soap to get the flakes. Depending on the size of the cakes of soap you'll need 2 or 3. If you use the zester side of your grater the soap will dissolve easily and quickly.


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  2. Just made up a batch with the result that I now have a clear, beautiful smell of our eucalyptus trees, wool wash. Works wonderfully well. I was taught at school, wash, rinse with the final rinse the same proportion of wool mix added, then dry. Results, beautiful soft woolies.

  3. I wash my floors with this as well leaves a lovely smell through the house and beautiful floors...annie


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