14 March 2012

Just for Bookworms

Reading can be an expensive habit if you like to buy books as opposed to borrow them but second hand book shops, op shops and garage sales often offer very low prices for people of all ages. You can find children’s books especially, that have been well loved, for under $1. Save buying new books for those extra special books you know you will keep in your library and enjoy reading on a budget. And when you've read the books, pass them on or re-sell them and use the credits to buy more reading material.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cath,

    One thing I've noticed people are starting to OFFLOAD their hard-cover books.
    I've been given (no-cost) 6 cardboard boxes of books just in the last month.
    At our local community centre (Grovedale)there is now a book swap shelving area which is just getting BIGGER & BETTER.
    For myself there is nothing quite like having the Printed word in my HOT lil' hands.


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