30 March 2012

Garage Sales - Saturday Mornings - In Any Area Where People Live!

The ultimate Cheapskating tip is.... garage sales! There is no limit to the savings when you shop at garages sales. Clothes are the biggest saving, as most have them really, really cheap (and they are the most plentiful item usually). I have picked up heaps of really nice clothes and shoes in the past for about $1 an item (and some of these still have tags attached). Then there are always plenty of books, CDs and games for entertainment. Bedding, furniture, electrical goods, kitchenware etc for the house. Tools for outside. There are plenty of excellent bargains to be had - all you have to do is go! Obviously you can pick and choose, and there will be a few grungy ones, but there are plenty of great ones too. And garage sales are generally cheaper than op shops (and have better condition stuff too!). Check in the local paper under Classifieds and online. Just type "garage sales" into the search and dozens of websites will appear. You can then refine your search to find just your suburb or town, or the general area. There are usually lots on Saturday morning - but be there on time, as the best stuff goes quickly!!
Contributed by Tina

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