02 March 2012

MOO Dry Carpet Cleaner

I am a carpet fan. I love our wall-to-wall carpets in the living areas of our home. Tiles and polished boards may look lovely but they are just too much work for me. I don't like the noise, I don't like the fact that they may have just been cleaned and straight away you can see marks and dust on them. I don't like that they are hard or that they are slippery.  I much prefer carpet.

Carpets look good all the time. If you have a "no shoes" policy they stay clean. They muffle footsteps and the thumps and bumps of kids in the house. They are warm in winter. And if you fall over on carpet it doesn't hurt nearly as much.

Occasionally though they can get a little stinky. Pets, smoking, winter and humid weather can all give your carpets a musty or stale odour.  Keeping carpets fresh is easy. Regular vacuuming is essential, at least once a week. Even if you don't use the room, dust from the air will still settle on your carpets so when you vacuum the rooms you use, vacuum the rooms you don't use as well.  Clean up spills immediately and have your carpets cleaned properly at least once a year (and as an aside, dry cleaning is much better for your carpets than steam cleaning, especially if you have wool or wool blend carpets).

But even with this regular maintenance there are times when carpets just need a little extra care and attention. An easy and cost effective treatment is a dry shampoo. Of course you can buy these, there are a number on the supermarket shelves, for a price of course.

As it is MOO month, I thought I'd share my dry carpet cleaner and freshener with you. It leaves your carpets soft, clean and fresh smelling and costs under $1 to make.

You will need:
2 cups bicarb soda
1/3 cup cornflour
5 bay leaves, crushed (rub them between your palms)
1 tbsp ground cloves
1 clean margarine container with holes poked in the cover

Mix ingredients together and sprinkle liberally all over the carpet. Use a dry broom to lightly brush the cleaner into your carpet. Leave overnight for the best result, but at least two hours for the cleaner to be effective. Do not walk on the carpet while it is cleaning. The next day vacuum carpet thoroughly.


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  2. Wow!! This moo dry carpet cleaning method is looking very effective. These are not found commonly. I want to try this. Thanks for sharing.


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