08 March 2012

Empty Space is Bliss

Keeping a home tidy and organised is a full-time task. It needs to be done regularly, over and over and over again. Skip one or two of the "overs" and the clutter and mess returns, often worse than before. 

Today's challenge is to clear the clutter, to create empty spaces throughout your home. Empty space is bliss - even if it's just a small empty space.

Take some rubbish bags and get started. Set your timer for 15 minutes and star a clutter tour of your house. Grab anything that is rubbish and put it in the bin bag. Anything to be recycled via the op shop in another bag. Pick up anything that doesn't belong, but needs to be kept and put it away where it belongs immediately. Do not stop to look at anything else, do not take time out of your 15 minutes to tidy a shelf or wipe out a drawer. Look at every item and if it doesn't belong there, is no longer needed there or is beyond it's useful life deal with it.

Put away as much of the clutter as you can. The idea is to clear surfaces so they will be easier to clean and look tidier and that is impossible with stuff all over the place.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent way to start decluttering!!!


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