28 March 2012


No, I'm not suggesting we all take up drinking.

RUM - Return Unused Medicines - is a program where you can return out of date or un-needed medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal.

Medicines, even over-the-counter preparations such as aspirin and paracetamol have a use by date. And it is a use by, not to be confused with a best before. Once the date on the packaging of any medicine, be it prescription or over-the-counter, it is not safe to use and must be disposed of.

Today go through your medicine cabinet and anywhere else you have medicines stored and check the use by dates on all of them. Put any that are out of date aside, ready to be taken to your local chemist for disposal.

And no it is not safe to flush them down the drain or toilet, or put them in the rubbish bin. Medicines are a real environmental hazard and must be treated accordingly.

Safe disposal is simple: just gather up the out-of-date medicines and take them to your local pharmacy. Easy.

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