25 March 2012

What's in the Garden Right Now

I mentioned a few days ago that we had spent the better part of last weekend working in the backyard, moving veggie boxes, transplanting the strawberries and other seedlings, sowing seeds and re-sowing seeds for our winter veggies and Sherilee emailed and asked what was in the garden.

Last year was my year of not buying veggies and it worked for the most part. I did give in and buy some tomatoes towards the end of last winter - I just couldn't go any longer without a fresh tomato to eat. And of course there were the potatoes, onions and carrots that we just don't have the room to grow in quantity. Otherwise I pretty much stuck to what we were growing in the garden.

It was a learning curve. I wasn't completely sure how much of each vegetable to plant. I didn't want to not have enough but I also didn't want to have a glut. Finding the happy medium took some planning and careful recording of harvest quantities and of waste.

All this means that when I did the planting out last weekend I knew exactly how much of each thing to plant so the we will have all the veggies we need and a little more for sharing come winter.

So what's in the garden right now?

Well starting at the very end of the left-hand beds there are:
1 pot planted out with garlic chives - 2 dozen
3 rosemary bushes

The bed then has:
12 sugar snap peas, planted along the back
5 rainbow silverbeet
3 Chinese cabbage
8 mini cauliflowers
8 mini cabbages
8 mini broccoli

In the centre is the square foot bed and it has the strawberries, 58 plants in total.

To the right of the square foot bed in the short raised bed are:
6 mixed lettuces
12 beetroot
36 spring onions

In the large raised bed are:
18 peas planted along the back of the box
12 beetroot
6 mini turnip
18 parsnip
6 celery
18 garlic - mixed between Australian and Italian varieties

In front of the large raised bed are the potato bags, 10 in total, all planted up. Homegrown potatoes are just like homegrown tomatoes - they can't be beaten for taste and they're easy to grow.

In the greenhouse are seeds, hopefully ready to sprout into seedlings to replace the vegetables as they are picked.

In various trays are:
Mixed lettuce
Mini cauliflower
Mini cabbage
Chinese cabbage
Brown onions

That should see us through the winter and into spring, when they'll be replaced with the summer veggies.  We certainly won't go hungry and there is enough variety to keep our meals interesting too.

I'll still buy potatoes and sweet potato, we're on our last bag of homegrown spuds now. I have plenty of onions in the freezer from the 10kg I bought a few weeks ago. But that should be all the vegetables I'll need to buy over winter.

So that's what is in our garden at the moment.

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