23 March 2012

I make no apologies

This isn't the post I had planned for today. But I make no apologies for that, I feel I need to clarify some points and they need to be clarified now.

Earlier this morning I opened an email from a new newsletter subscriber (she subscribed on the 28th February, so she's had 4 free newsletters since she subscribed).

This email was a blatant attempt to get me to bite, which it did, although my bite was mightily reviewed and reviewed and reviewed again before I did eventually give in and snap back. The sender has been unsubscribed.

Let me make this clear:

Cheapskates (the websites, the forums, the newsletters) belongs to me. I own it. I run it. I build it. I write the newsletters. I even pay for it. It does not belong to anyone else. I keep Cheapskates going because it is a community, a place where like-minded people, who want to live a better life for less, can come together and share their ideas, their tips and hints and their experiences with others.


I will not allow any ridicule or abuse of any kind on my website, my forums, my blog or in my newsletters and I make no apologies for that.

Anyone who attempts any of these things will be unsubscribed immediately and will be banned from ever subscribing or joining any Cheapskates group again .

Our Community is built on sharing and trust, on encouragement, support and respect for each other and our individual opinions.

If you don't like that and don't want to be a part of our community, let me know. I'll remove you immediately.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have had some nasty dealings. If it isn't constructive or uplifting then there really isn't any point in commenting about or to others not just in forums or blogs but in real life too.It doesn't help anyone.
    I hope that you have a nicer day now that you have taken care of the unpleasantries.

  2. I enjoy your blog, the website and the newsletters and, for my purposes have found it to be very useful. It surprises me in this day and age that people still feel it is acceptable to give abusive opinions of others, especially to complete strangers. Indeed, externalising our problems by blaming another group (based on cultural, racial or other characteristics) for them benefits no one, least of all the individual who complains, as their ever so small world contracts around them slightly more.

  3. Good on you for taking a stand.

    If we don't like the television show being screened we can change channels or switch it off. Likewise, as you pointed out people can ask to unsubscribe if they don't like the content of a blog/newsletter etc.

    Sadly, too many would rather whinge, complain and moan and externalise their blame and anger in an attempt to bring others down rather than accept accountability for their own actions.

  4. Thank you so much.

    I am very proud of each and every Cheapskater, whether they are Club members or newsletter subscribers or blog readers. They are the kindest and most giving folk I have ever come across and I take it very personally when someone chooses to be unkind, rude, disrespectful and just plain immature towards them and tries to use me to do it. It just won't happen.

    Hannah just said "jealousy's a curse Mum, and she's really cursed" and kept on walking. Bless the perspective of a 16 year old :)

  5. So sad to think people have to be nasty to be heard . The whole family is on board with the cheap-skating that we do in our house even coming home to show as the saving that they have made in some small way we encouraging them all the time .(don't worry about what other people think just worry about your self). that is what we tell them.

  6. Good for you! I've never found anything on this site to whinge about!

  7. Well done cath!! I am addicted to ur website and now spend soooo many hours browsing through all of the wonderful tips, ideas, recipes and the forum. I love it so much my hubby is starting to think I am married to cheapskates and not him!! Keep up the great work and good on u for sticking up for yourself, your website and all of ur loyal followers!

  8. Good on you Cath! I absolutely love cheapskates, such great tips and tricks and such a wonderful community!

  9. Well done. I HATE the blatent discrimination I see towards others in our society. If only people could realise we could actually learn and share from each others experiances we would actually not have to be fighting wars of any kind, be they here or overseas. No one person is perfect

  10. Well Cath I'm an email subscriber and I'm lovin' it! I just bought my washing powder ingredients for the first time and I'm eargarly reading your emails to find more information. Your site is tremendously generous and it is about caring & sharing. I will be joining this week as a member because of the attributes which are so obviously displayed here! THANK YOU LOVE!! Happy Easter!!!!!


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