29 July 2013

Glass jars are one of those household items we all tend to hang on to because they might be useful. Of course they can be recycled, and sometimes we give in and put them gently into the recycle bin. But most of the time they are washed and dried and put away in a cupboard, or when those cupboards are full, into a box so we will have them when we need them.

Of course if you make lots and lots of jams and pickles or do lots of preserving then they do get used. But there are still loads and loads of them, sitting empty, in the cupboard.

As they are, glass jars are pretty boring. They don't have to be. A few minutes with some spray paint, a couple of stickers and some clear spray sealant and those jars become something beautiful and useful for our homes.

You will need:
Glass jars with lids - sauce jars, jam jars etc
Spray paint that will adhere to the metal or plastic lids (if you want to change the colours)
Stickers for the lid- I chose some vintage decals I had in the craft cabinet, use whatever suits  your style
Labels for the jar (optional)
Clear sealer - to seal the sticker or decal to the lid

Step 1. Wash and dry the jar and the lid.

Step 2. Paint the lid if you are going to. You may need to use at least two coats of colour. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly between coats.

Step 3. Position your sticker on the lid.

Step 4. Give the lid three coats of the clear sealant, drying between each coat.

Step 5. Stick the label to the jar.

Now you're ready to fill the jar with buttons or pins or chocolates or bobby pins or cotton buds or whatever you want.

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