23 July 2013

It's a Boy!

At last, a brand new prince has been born. Congratulations to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge, I am sure they are very proud new parents to their baby boy.

We are in the middle of a baby boom at the moment. Our wonderful neighbours G and M welcomed their first grand-daughter a fortnight ago, and she is just gorgeous. We have friends waiting patiently for the birth of their second baby, who is now eight days overdue (perhaps that waiting isn't quite so patient). Old friends (we met when our eldest children started primary school) are going to be grandparents for the first time too, and their eldest son will become a father. Then in September we have friends who will be welcoming baby number three to their family.

So many new lives entering the world, some creating happy families, some completing them.

I remember how excited Wayne and I were at the birth of each of our children, and if any of these new parents and parents-to-be are half as excited there is a lot of joy in their homes.

With this baby boom I've been putting together some little gifts. My knitting needles have been clacking away, creating cute little bonnets and helmets and bootees. I've had the crochet hook working too, making granny squares to put into little blankets and the sewing machine has had a workout, running up bibs and burp cloths and I've even made a couple of stork bundles.

My favourite thing when our children were small was the pull-over bib. So easy to get on and off, I had dozens of them.

They are really easy to make too, no special skills required.

How to Make a Pullover Baby Bib

You will need:
1 hand towel
30cm x 8cm piece of ribbing (either a contrast or matching the hand towel)
thread to match
sharp scissors
sewing machine or overlocker

The hand towel I used came from Big W, in a twin pack for $3.00, making it $1.50. The ribbing I used for this bib was cut off the bottom of a white singlet and doubled over. If you are using regular ribbing you only need to cut one piece and fold it in half.

Step 1.
Fold the top of the hand towel 1/3 of the way down, and mark this line — this will be the centre of your circle opening.

Step 2.
Centre a 15cm saucer over the line marked in Step 1.
This will form the cutting line for the head hole of the bib.

Step 3.
Cut along the line, through both thicknesses.
Open the towel out flat.

Step 4.
Stitch ends of ribbed knit to make a circle with a 6mm seam allowance. Fold in half so seam allowance is inside.

Step 5.
Divide ribbing into quarters and mark with pins. Divide hole into quarters and mark with pins.
Place raw edge of ribbing along the opening in the bib (right side), matching pins and markings and stretching as necessary.

Stitch a 6mm seam — I used my overlocker and simply overlocked the raw edges together. If you are not using an overlocker, I would recommend a stretch stitch and zigzagging
the raw edges together to neaten.

The finished bib

Easy enough to put on and take off with one hand and big enough to cover almost all of baby and a fair bit of a toddler at meal time, with plenty of towel for wiping faces and hands and even mums :)

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