14 July 2013

Housekeeping on a Sunday

Sunday is traditionally a day of church and lawn mowing, with a roast dinner. It's bit like that here, we are a tad old fashioned.

For a more modern family it might mean sport for the kids and shopping for Mum and Dad, and perhaps lunch out or visiting friends and family.

However you spend your Sunday, it is still a day when there are household chores that need to be done.

But not much gets done on a Sunday around here. Sunday homemaking is easy.

It's a day for relaxing, pottering in the garden, sewing, visiting friends, going on picnics or for a drive, trying new recipes, catching up on reading or TV shows and just generally taking it easy.

Of course there are still things to be done in our home to keep it cosy and comfortable. I still do my regular, every day morning chores, although they get done when I've had breakfast and on a Sunday that could be any time before noon.

And I do cook a roast each week for Sunday dinner. It's something I've done almost every Sunday night for our entire married life.

This afternoon I have a leg of lamb in the oven, with garlic and rosemary vegetables waiting to go into the baking dish. It smells good, really, really good. I have roast beef on the meal plan, but I pulled the lamb out of the freezer last night so lamb it is. Roast beef will do for next Sunday.

And after dinner I do my everyday evening routine, cleaning up the kitchen and getting things ready for the next morning.

But in-between the day is mine to do with as I please.

Everyone needs a day to wind down after the hustle and bustle of the week.

Sunday Morning Tasks:
1. Make the bed/s
2. Swish'n'swipe bathroom/s
3. Put a load of laundry on to wash
4. Clear table from breakfast
5. Stack and run dishwasher OR wash, dry and put dishes away
6. Wipe down benchtops
7. Swish'n'swipe the sink
8. Put dirty tea towel and dish cloth in the wash, replace with clean tea towel and dish cloth
9. Put rubbish out
10. Sweep kitchen floor
11. Get out meat for dinner if necessary and place in fridge to defrost
12. Hang the washing on line

Sunday Evening Tasks:
1. Bring in washing, fold and put away - depending on how much washing there is it takes no more than 15 minutes.
2. Prepare vegetables for dinner and start cooking, cleaning up as you go - do not use every pot and spoon in the house and dump them in the sink! We eat between 6 - 6:30 so I usually start dinner prep around 5pm.
3. Empty dishwasher (if necessary) - I do this while dinner is cooking
4. Set table (or better yet have someone else set the table)
5. Clear table after dinner, wiping down placemats or shaking tablecloth
6. Load dishwasher OR wash, dry and put dishes away
7. Wipe down stove
8. Wipe down benchtops
9. Take compost and rubbish out
10. Fill kettle, set table for breakfast, get out the toaster, put oats in pan to soak, get the coffee mugs ready, put out lunchboxes

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