03 July 2013

Stockpiling Christmas Supplies

The last thing you want to think about now is Christmas, but our annual Christmas in July is a great time to start stocking up on your supplies for Christmas.

You can easily spend less than half what you did in the previous year on gifts, gift wrap, tape, tags, bows, non-perishable food and drink and other Christmas supplies by purchasing it six months early.

Here are some tips for shopping for Christmas goodies in July:

1. Only buy non-perishable items. Gift items that contain cocoa, tea, or other foods that are perishable should be avoided, or the perishables should be removed and replaced before the gift is given.

2. Check the stores regularly to see how prices are trending. Big department stores typically have their toy sales now, when they offer considerable savings and a longer lay-by time (great for keeping presents out of the house!). Don't think however that there won't be other sales before Christmas, there will. Use this to your advantage and let larger items come down in price before you buy.

3. Shop with a list. Look at how much wrapping paper and tape you used last year. How many tags did you go through? How many gifts do you need to buy? If you're taking part in our Handmade Christmas challenge, what materials or ingredients do you need to buy? Take stock of how many supplies you used and follow this as a guide when replenishing your stock.

4. Invest in storage for your purchases. You will only benefit from the purchase of all these Christmas supplies if you keep them stored properly for the next six months. You can invest in storage containers, a wrapping paper storage bin, or generic plastic boxes, or you can recycle cardboard cartons or styro foam boxes (free from your local greengrocer). Whatever you choose, ensure that everything you buy is sealed up tight and protected.

5. Strive to buy only what you'll use. Buying 10 tins of smoked oysters in tomato sauce is a complete an utter waste if you only use one tin over the holiday period. Stocking up on dried fruit if you make a dozen cakes and puddings however is a great idea - the fruit will be used before it has a chance to get lost at the back of the pantry.  Avoid overbuying simply because you're saving money on your purchases; otherwise it simply defeats the purpose of the savings.

6. Skip items that aren't marked down. You have time to shop around and wait for the specials. Remember that from November chips, soft drinks, chocolates, gift baskets and so on will be on sale regularly. Don't buy them now unless you know they are an extra good deal.

It may seem silly at first to plan for next Christmas in July, but you can save a bundle of money and a whole lot of stress by planning ahead. Get your Christmas supply shopping done now and you have one less thing to fret over when December finally does roll around.

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  1. Just before Christmas I find very cheap Christmas wrap, cards and tags at op shops. I have not bought any of these at the stores for years. I also recycle ribbons and wrap.


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