18 July 2013

Housekeeping on a Thursday

Thursday is an easy day in the house.

Apart from the usual morning and evening routines, the only other housework that gets done is AJ's room.

The routine is the same as for Tom's room, and it takes under 15 minutes to whip through. That's the beauty of a regular routine - the more often it's followed, the easier the work gets.

AJ's room: (15 minutes)

AJ makes his bed every morning and puts his washing out. He's also responsible for keeping it tidy - I don't mind cleaning but I do not tidy up his mess. Anything that's not put away on a Thursday morning is presumed to be rubbish and goes in the bin.

1.  Get AJ to strip his bed linens and take them straight to the laundry, put them in the washing machine, add 3 teaspoons Cheapskates Washing Powder and turn the machine on before he has breakfast.
2.  Dust the cornices, skirting boards and window sills with the cobweb broom.
3.  Wipe over the windows with a microfibre window cloth.
4.  Dust and polish the timber furniture.
5. Empty the wastepaper bin.
6.  Dust the pictures on the walls.
7.  Collect any dirty washing and take it to the laundry.
8.  Remake the bed with fresh linens. See here for my way of making a comfy bed.
9. Vacuum the bedroom floor.

Around 10am I leave to go and pick up my mother. Thursday is her day. The day I take her shopping or to the doctor, to pay bills and any other appointments she has. We usually have lunch out, Mum's treat, and I drop her home about 2.30pm on my way to pick Hannah up from school.

Some Thursdays are super busy, with lots of errands to run. Others are really easy, with just a couple of supermarket items to pick up. However the day pans out, we always have a really easy dinner on a Thursday night. Often it's something I can get going in the slow cooker before I leave in the morning, or a ready-made meal from the freezer. Other times it might be pizza or fish'n'chips - MOO of course, that I've made ahead ready to just heat and eat.

Thursday is also newsletter day at The Cheapskates Club, and although I don't work Thursdays and set the newsletter to go out automatically, I often sneak in late afternoon and check emails and see how things are going on the Member forum while I have a cuppa before starting dinner.

Thursday night is also an early to bed night. Wayne has meetings three Thursdays of the month, so when he leaves for his meetings, I make a hot chocolate, get my books together and go to bed. I see no point in running the heater or cooler (depends on the season) just for me when I can be cosy and comfortable tucked up in bed.

Thursday is the easiest day housework wise, and it needs to be, because Friday is a very busy day - but I'll go through that with you tomorrow.

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