17 July 2013

Housekeeping on a Wednesday

Wednesday is hump day - that middle of the week day when things seem to pile up.  Wednesday is the day I start on the kids' bedrooms and their bathroom. I also give the lounge and family rooms a quick once over, just to keep them spic'n'span.

It seems like a lot of work, but even working through the entire list in one go it takes under an hour. Sometimes I am able to do that, other times I need to break it down into blocks throughout the day.

What I've found is that sticking to the cleaning routine actually keeps the house clean, there is no need for heavy cleaning, with lots of scrubbing. The longer I stick to the routine the easier it gets - after a few weeks it's just maintenance cleaning and it really only takes a few minutes to get it all done.

On Wednesday I do the bathroom and Tom's bedroom and refresh the lounge and family rooms, all in under an hour. 

Tom's room: (15 minutes)

Tom makes his bed every morning and puts his washing out. He's also responsible for keeping it tidy - I don't mind cleaning but I do not tidy up his mess. Anything that's not put away on a Wednesday morning is presumed to be rubbish and goes in the bin.

1.  Get Tom to strip his bed linens and take them straight to the laundry, put them in the washing machine, add 3 teaspoons Cheapskates Washing Powder and turn the machine on before he has breakfast.
2.  Dust the cornices, skirting boards and window sills with the cobweb broom.
3.  Wipe over the windows with a microfibre window cloth.
4.  Dust and polish the timber furniture.
5. Empty the wastepaper bin.
6.  Dust the pictures on the walls.
7.  Collect any dirty washing and take it to the laundry.
8.  Remake the bed with fresh linens. See here for my way of making a comfy bed.
9. Vacuum the bedroom floor.

Kids' Bathroom: (10 minutes)
1. Spritz the shower, toilet, basin and vanity tops. Wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth, follow with a clean towel to dry.
2. Empty the wastepaper basket.
3. Put the towels, face washers and bath mats in the wash and put out fresh towels, bathmats and face washers.
4. Sweep the floor.
5. Mop the floor with hot water and white vinegar. Our bathroom is so small I sweep it and then spritz it with vinegar and just use a microfibre cloth to wipe over the floor, backing out as I go so as not to have to walk over a damp floor.

Lounge room: (15 minutes)
1. Dust the timber furniture.
2. Dust the pictures on the walls.
3. Vacuum the carpet
4. Straighten the furniture, fluffing the cushions.
5. Check the doyleys, if they are dusty, creased or dirty put them in the wash and replace with clean linens.

Family room: (15 minutes)
1. Dust the timber furniture.
2. Dust the pictures on the walls.
3. Wipe over glass door with microfibre cloth.
4. Vacuum the carpet
5. Straighten the furniture, fluffing the cushions.
6. Check the doyleys, if they are dusty, creased or dirty put them in the wash and replace with clean linens.

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  1. Your kids are lucky Cath, my mum would NEVER have cleaned my bedroom for me once I was 10+! And I think I will do the same for my kids! I'm their mother, not their cleaner and they need to learn to do things like make beds, do their own washing and clean up after themselves so when they move out they can look after them selves!

  2. Oh, they know how to look after themselves and a home. My lot have been helping with the housework since they could walk - starting with putting toys away, moving on to putting washing in the basket, cleaning the bath after their baths, setting and clearing the table, washing up, hanging washing, folding,ironing (they were all very familiar with the iron by the time they were 10), cooking dinner (by 12 they all had one night a week to prepare a meal, they still do), mowing the lawn, washing the car etc etc etc.

    I am no one's slave. Part of my responsibility as a parent and a homemaker is to lead by example. I can't expect any one to do as I say if I don't do it.


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