13 July 2013

The No Waste Kitchen: 10 Good Ways to Re-use Tea Bags

You all know that I am a coffee drinker. No, I am a coffee lover. I enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning, and perhaps another one later in the day. I like good coffee, I am fussy about my coffee and insist on buying a particular blend of beans.

But just lately I've taken to drinking more tea. Hannah gave me a lovely new tea pot for Mother's Day, with some lovely cups and saucers and I think they are just beautiful. And so these days, around 4pm, I make a pot of tea and enjoy a cup (or two).

The problem is the used tea bags. There are quite a few over the week. If you’re a tea drinker, you may be wondering what to do with all those leftover tea bags too. Here are a few ideas:

1. Compost.

Tea bags make wonderful compost for your garden. Simply add them to your compost heap and let nature takes its course. They break down in the Bokashi or the regular compost pile quite easily.

2. Under eye soother.

Used tea bags, particularly chamomile bags, can be cooled and placed on the eyes for a wonderful soothing relaxant. It's a nice way to relax for a few minutes after a busy day.

3. Use on sun burns.

Peppermint tea bags are great for sunburns. Leave to cool then place the bags on the burnt areas.

4. Use on cuts.

Used tea bags are also great on cuts and bruises. You can use any variety but green tea, peppermint and chamomile have good soothing qualities. They help to stop bleeding and reduce bruising.

5.  Seed starters.

Use sharp scissors to cut a small cross in a cool, moist tea bag and drop in a seed.  Keep them damp until the seedling is about 5cm tall when you can plant it, tea bag and all in a pot. Once it's about 15cm tall plant it into the garden.

6. Clean leather shoes.

You can clean dark leather shoes with a damp tea bag. Wipe the tea bag in a circular motion over the shoes to give them a clean shine.

7. Soothe tired feet.

Drop 5 or 6 brewed tea bags in a basin of hot water. Let the water cool a little then soak your tired, aching feet for half an hour.

8. Soften your skin naturally.

Run your bathwater over some brewed tea bags and then soak in it for amazingly soft skin. Green tea, full of amazing antioxidants, is idea for  bathing.

9. Deodorise the fridge.

Put a couple of used tea bags in a small dish and sit it at the back of the fridge to absorb odours and keep it smelling fresh. Works just as good, if not better, than a box of bicarb.

10. Deodorize carpets.

Empty dry, used tea bags onto smelly carpets and rugs. Brush in with a soft broom. Leave for 30 minutes and then vacuum up for beautifully clean, fresh smelling carpets.

11. As fire starters.

Dry used tea bags out and use as fire starters........ excellent
Contributed by Modern Survivalist

I'm sure there are dozens more ways to use brewed tea bags. How do you reuse or recycle them?

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  1. Dry used tea bags out and use as fire starters........ excellent

  2. I knew there would be more! And I can't believe I didn't include that on the list, I always save my tea bags when we're camping to help get the next campfire started!

    Thank you for reminding me, and I'll add it to the list :)

  3. I used to use tea bags and re-used in several ways mentioned but now I always use tea leaves which either get composted or put around my citrus trees~
    SereneBee in East Vic Park

  4. I use them for re potting plants. A few down the bottom make sure the contents don't get watered out


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