03 May 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Day 3 - A Bunch of Beautiful Bookmarks

Here is a gorgeous bookmark you can make with a scrap of cardstock, a scrap of wrapping paper and a length of ribbon - perfect for using a ribbon you've saved from something else.

You will need:
The template - click here to print it (no need to resize, it will print at the correct size)
30cm thin ribbon
15cm square cardstock
15cm square printed paper

Step 1. Print the template and cut it out. Trace around the template onto the cardstock twice to give you two shapes. Cut out the two shapes around the outside of the traced edge.

Step 2. Trace around the printed paper twice to give you two shapes. Cut around the shapes on the inside of the traced line. This will give you two shapes a little smaller than the card stock shapes.

Step 3. Cover the back of one printed shape with glue. Stick it to the top side of one of the cardstock shapes. Press down to smooth out any air bubbles. Repeat with the remaining printed and cardstock shapes.

Step 4. Take one shape and lay it face down on a table. Run a strip of glue down the centre. Position the ribbon so the top is approximately 5cm above the top of the shape. Press the ribbon into place.

Step 5. Run a strip of glue down the inside of the remaining shape. Press into place over the other shape, covering the ribbon.

Most Mums just love to read (usually because of the peace and quiet) but we don't often get time to read a whole book without interruptions for drinks, car-pooling, dinner fixing, bath time splashes and bed time stories. That means we need something to mark our place in that fantastic book we don't want to put down.

Over the years I've used slips of paper, old envelopes, paper clips, even the cardboard dividers out of the box of tea bags. I also have some beautiful bookmarks that I love to use. They are pretty and practical, don't mark my precious books and help me pick up reading where I left off.

Here are some other bookmarks you might like to make:

Pretty Ribbon Bookmarks

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