15 May 2015

Menu Plan - May 17 - 23 2015

This is what we'll be eating for the next week.

We have a roast every Sunday. It's about the only thing I'm traditional about when it comes to meals. The lamb roast was bought when lamb was on sale at Tasman Meats earlier this year. At the time I bought 12, enough for a year of lamb roasts for my family.  We love roast lamb, especially when I prepare it Greek-style, but it is far too expensive to get just one meal out of it.

When we have roast lamb I cut it all off the bone as I'm serving on Sunday night. Then I portion out enough meat for another roast dinner, This gets packed into a Tupperware container, covered in gravy and frozen for a later meal. Next I put 3 - 4 slices into a container and this is used to make French Shepherd's Pie. You only need a very small amount of meat to make this delicious pie, so it is very economical. Any meat that is left is is chopped up into small chunks, mixed into a thick gravy and used as pie filling. The bone goes into the freezer to make stock for soup, cooking rice or pasta, making gravy and so on.

One $16 - $18 leg of lamb provides at least five meals for my family of five, bringing the cost of the meat component of each meal down to between $3 - $4 a meal.

Sunday 17th: Greek-style Roast Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic baked vegetables (potato, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini), gravy

Monday 18th: Tuna Surprise, salad (lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, onion, semi-dried tomatoes)

Tuesday 19th: Vegetable pasta bake, salad

Wednesday 20th: Stuffed drumsticks, scalloped potato, corn, carrot, beans

Thursday 21st: MOO pizza

Friday 22nd: Meatloaf, mashed potato, cauliflower with cheese sauces, carrots, beans, onion gravy

Saturday 23rd: Tacos:

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