15 May 2015

Price Matching Strategies

Knowledge about store price matching policies and strategies can save you hundreds of dollars a year on just about everything you buy from groceries to shoes to DVDs to washing machines and even mobile phones.

Price matching is a tactic stores employ where one store matches (or sometimes even beats) an advertised price offered by a competing retailer.

Price matching is typically offered by major chain stores and appliance stores although you'll find it all over the retail world when you look for it. If you're not sure if the store you are shopping in has a price matching policy, ask.

To take advantage of this easy way of saving money all the time you need to be aware of the price of your items across all the stores you shop at. You use a price book for groceries, so why not add some pages for other things you buy like printer cartridges, skin care, CDs etc.

Use your price book to track prices and the timing of sales so you'll always be buying at the lowest possible price - for everything!

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Maureen said...

Hi Cath, Any chance of bringing your price book tomorrow to the workshop?
Thanks Maureen

Cath Armstrong said...

Maureen I'm sorry, I didn't see this until just now or I'd have thrown my current price book in.

It's pretty much what we went through at the workshop, divided into sections the same as the Grocery Tracking Spreadsheet, and updated when I see a new price.