25 May 2015

The MOO Gift Card System

I discovered this tip a few years ago and it saves me money every year and is fun too.

Step 1.  Buy a pack of blank (non-ruled) 'system cards'. These cards are usually used for paper filing systems, e.g. client information kept on each card for a small business, and filed in a specific card box. Cards are about $3.60 for a pack of 100s.

I like the 75mm x 125mm cards because I think they make a classy and neat sized gift card. So that makes the cost 0.036c per card.

Step 2.  Buy a sheet of 'theme specific' stickers available from most craft or $2 shops. I bought mine from 'Riot Arts and Crafts' for 99c per sheet and there is usually between 10 and 20 stickers per sheet. I have bought themes such as 'Christmas', where there are wreaths, gift boxes, Christmas trees etc..; 'Baby' where there are prams, teddy bears, dummies; 'Anniversary' including roses, champagne glasses, gift boxes; and 'Happy Birthday' including balloons, gift boxes, 'happy birthday' and 'best wishes' messages, streamers etc. That works out to be around 10c per sticker. Use 3 or 4 stickers on each card to decorate and the cost is about 40c per card. If you are more budget conscious you can use 2 stickers per card and bring the price down to around 20c.

Step 3.  Write personalised message in the card with a plain black or blue pen or jazz it up with any coloured textas or pens you have. You can go all out and buy a glitter pen ($2 each at Riot Arts and Crafts) and put additional glitter on the card also.

Step 4.  Place in 90mm x 145 self-seal envelope. It is a perfect and classy fit. These envelopes are around $4.85 per 100 so that makes it around 5c per envelope. Write the person's name on the front of the envelope and voila! you have a personalised gift card that is super fun to make, saves a packet and people love because it is home made with effort and love.

Total cost of each card is around 48c per card, instead of the usual $4.50 per bought card from a gift shop or supermarket. If you have say 10 extended family members and 5 friends to buy for each year that's a minimum saving of $60.30 per year on just Christmas and birthday cards alone ($7.20 instead of $67.50).

Contributed by Vanessa Hallum

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