01 May 2015

Buy Fewer, but Better Quality Toys for Longer Fun

I've noticed this week that the department stores are starting to build up stocks in their toy departments, no doubt in anticipation of the mid-year toy sales.

Buying toys on sale is a great idea. Buying better quality toys on sale is an even better idea.

As you plan your toy sale shopping, keep in mind that little people very often change their minds faster than you can keep up with them. What they desperately want today will be completely forgotten come next week, let alone Christmas or a long-way off birthday.

Everyone wants their children to have the "best" in toys: educational of course, the same as everyone else so they fit in, plenty of variety to stimulate their imaginations and so on.

Young children are far better off with a few good quality, sturdy, stimulating, SAFE toys rather than an overwhelming abundance of expensive, often poorly made, toys that do nothing but fall apart, make a mess and cause upsets.

Minimize your spending on toys, leaving the whizz bang latest fads to grandparent and doting aunts and uncles for birthdays and Christmas. Encourage them to focus on one high-quality, value toy that will last longer than a week.

Lego, Duplo, Hot  Wheels, Baby Born accessories (skip the clothes - buy them from the Op Shop for a better range and a much better price), age appropriate board games etc. all minimize health risks, are much better value dollar for dollar, are sturdy enough to withstand constant play and can be played with over and over in so many different configurations they'll last for years.

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  1. I have actually only bought one toy each for my daughters. All their epic amount of toys come from family friends and family. I do however buy them bulk outfits. I can't help it. I'll even use my Christmas and birthday money.

  2. Emma we bought one combined toy for Christmas, then one biggish toy and one small for each child for Christmas, along with their stockings. For their birthdays we would add to a collection i.e. Lego or similar. But I asked their grandmothers to work a little differently. Wayne's mother always gave clothes and my mother the toy gift for their birthdays, then come Christmas Wayne's mum would give the toy and my mother the clothes as gifts. Worked really well, I could count on at least two new outfits for each child each year, and the kids knew what to expect from each set of grandparents. They loved getting their new outfits too - Granny and Grandma always came through with licensed outfits i.e. Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie and so on, the brands I couldn't afford to buy.


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