18 May 2015

Unusual Embellishments Make Scrapbooking Affordable

I love scrapbooking my family's photos but unfortunately it can get very expensive. Too easy to splurge on all the latest papers/embellishments and tools to create my masterpieces so I started to look for some alternatives. I've found it's amazing what you can find to recycle and use in your scrapbooking.

My children all had wall calendars last year (bought after Christmas when they were 1/2 price) so instead of throwing them when the year was over I went through and cut out the names of the months, any pictures I could use and any quotes listed on the picture pages. My daughter's fairy calendar alone gave me 56 cut outs that I can use.

I've also started keeping the cardboard tags off clothes when they're licensed or have an interesting picture on them. e.g. each garment has price tags etc but many also have brand name or licensed tags with them. I simply remove them off the plastic fastener and as they already have a hole punched in them they make perfect page accents.

For paper, at $1 per page (at least) it can get exxy, but now I keep wrapping paper from any gifts and cut to suit my layout.

From recycling, I get a great mix of patterned and plain paper. If I don't have any in the print/colour I want I simply pick up a sheet from the cheap shop for 50 cents and this gives me 3-4 pages worth.

I'm not sure of exact savings in monetary terms - it really depends on how many layouts are done in a year and how many embellishments are used on the pages. There are so many ways to save money without compromising my passion for scrapbooking and I just wanted to share some of them.
Contributed by Deanne

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